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Strategies for Dividend Investing

Investing in Dividend Stocks - Strategies

Investing in Dividend Stocks - Strategies
By Mark H. Thompson

When investing in stocks, the sole purpose of investors is to earn a divided on their investments. Whether this is used to pay bills, coverage for recreational purposes, or simply for reinvesting, shareholders want to know that they are able to see where their money is going. Whenever investors buy into stocks, they are paid a portion of what the company receives in earnings, provided that the stock market increases. This portion that is received by a shareholder from his or her stock investment is referred to as a dividend stock and are normally paid out in an attempt to get investors to buy into more stocks in the company. Since there are different methods of investing, these strategies need to be taken into consideration.

How to invest in dividend stocks:

Research stock

Before making any investment in stocks, the first vital factor that needs to be considered is whether or not the company pays in dividends. This needs to be done since not all stocks are returned in dividends. There are some companies that allow you to invest in stocks but do not pay out a dividend. In order to ascertain whether or not a stock pays dividends, an investor can consult Wall Street Journal. In addition, the investor can sign up for an account online to watch stocks that are dividend payable.

Company Selection

The obvious threat to dividend stock is one that doesn't pay. If a company is known for having a tenuous flow of cash, the likelihood is that the company will not have any stock dividends to pay out whether quarterly or annually. It is wise for investors to seek out companies that are able to cover their payments annually. If a company is not able to cover their payments, it simply means that they will not be able to pay out dividends to their shareholders. A company that often increases in dividend and has no dividend cuts is one that is ideal for you to invest in.

Company's dividend background

Even though it is not the ideal practice to judge a company based on its past activities, considering the company's background of dividend stocks payout can be very beneficial. If after examining a company's background and you realize that they are consistent in paying out dividend stocks, much dividend can be earned in investing in that company. You can choose to review the payouts of a company dating back four years or more.

Healthy dividend yield

Another strategy to employ when seeking dividend stocks to invest in is the company's dividend yield. The yield of a company is known as the percentage amount which is expressed of the current price that is available in shares. In simple terms, the dividend yield refers to how much money you will be getting for the investment you made on your dividend. A dividend yield that is considered to be healthy is one that coincides or is greater than 3%.

In considering investing in dividend stocks strategies, always keep in mind what you hope to achieve: retained earnings in your dividend stocks.

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