Friday, November 8, 2013

Conservative Investing

Conservative Investing With Dividend Funds

Conservative Investing With Dividend Funds
By Kyle Bumpus

Investing is something that you do to see your money grow over a long period of time. Trying to make your money grow too quickly in the stock market is a recipe for disaster. One way which many investors like to play it conservative and grow their money is with dividend mutual funds.

This kind of fund rewards the investor for keeping their money invested long term. Whenever the investor receives dividends, then those dividends can be reinvested to buy more of a share of the fund. Each time this is done, the money is adding to itself. Over time this has the affect of growing money at a much faster rate then mutual funds without dividends.

The fund chooses stocks that pay healthy sized dividends, and puts the money in those stocks. Any stock that does not pay a dividend is not likely to make the fund. Statistics have shown that over long periods of time, dividend paying stocks perform better than their non dividend paying counterparts. This fact alone is enough to keep many investors parked in the dividend paying mutual funds that they have.

The combination of having diversification, and at the same time enjoying dividends is too much for many to resist. The long term is the picture that you have to take when you are investing, and this is the time period that dividend payers win the most.

If you are interested in piling some money into a dividend paying fund, then you should look some up online today. Look at the holdings of each fund, and decide which one you believe will suit you the best. After that, go to your broker (online or in person), and see if they allow you to purchase this particular fund. Before long you will be enjoying the benefits of your new fund.

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